We spent several thousand dollars on windows for our home in two installations within six months. Not being professional window installers, we didn't know until the second installation that the first installation was not done correctly.

No foam wrap around the windows, no caulking around the outside of the windows, and the caulk at the window wrap joints doesn't match in color. On the second installation, they gouged the trimwork on the inside and left the foamwrap sticking out, then caulked over it, leaving an unsightly mess all around the window. Instead of adding value to our home, they have devalued it.

Company President Steve Wetherford in Kansas City refuses to fix it. Don't buy from Miracle Windows!

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I don't get it. All these complaints about the price and need for both owners to be present.

As far as the both owners requirement, you can talk to the lawyers about that. It eliminates another potential lawsuit.

As far as the price.........Just like all your other quotes, you either like it an buy it or move on to the next salesman. Why the need to *** about it on a website.........


Miracle Windows put our windows in and they are exceptional. Steve was also our salesman and I felt that he was very professional and very knowledgeable on the products offered.

As far as the installers go they were amazing everything went soooo smoothly and they picked up after themselves and didn't leave a mess for me to pick up behind them! I would use them and recommend them to anybody!!!

to AB #606561

Miracle windows and Sunrooms based out of jacksonville fl is ratched. Not only are their charges out the roof but they treat the employee's like ***.

They sell the windows to YOU the customer and then the employee that you spoke with and set everything up gets nothing as far as commission. They lie out their *** to the employee that walked their butts off all day and talked too the customer. They do this because the truth of the matter is the company are theives. They keep all that PROFIT for themselves and then turn and fire the employee because they have NO sales.

But they have sales and this crook of a company steals from the person you may be talking with. AVOID.

Bill Bugbee and the other owners of this company are rotten to the core. They don't care about the employee because they are money driven blood sucking bastards

to worker of the mess #618205

Thank you worker of the mess everything you say is 100 percent true. Homeowners don't know what the worker has to go thru.

Bill Bugbee is not only a liar but a *** artist as well.

He will tell the worker what they want to hear, promising them the moon and stars only to *** in their face when the time comes to pay up. I can't wait for the day this company falls flat on its face no scratch that on Bugbee's face fcking coward lyin pos.

to worker of the mess Kansas City, Kansas, United States #786258

This is not in regards to Miracle Windows Kansas City and is not affiliated with the one in Jacksonville or Nashville

to worker of the mess #877982

Imagine the concept of getting fired if you make NO sales. Too many people want something for nothing.

I never made a penny if I did not produce. This is the problem with a lot of people in America who believe they are entitled to equality when they do not put in the effort that is necessary to succed.


I second 'rental man'!


I have Miracle Windows for 6 rental properties I own. Have had wonderful results and no problems.

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